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Thread: Need a few more

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    Need a few more

    Need a few more


    I need a few more managers for a couple of Yahoo fantasy leagues.

    League name: Midnight Marauders
    League ID#: 81123
    League password: takethebluepill

    Auction Draft Date and Time Sept. 4th at 6pm EDT

    League name: Fantasy Football 4eva
    League ID#: 117345
    League password: steadymobbin

    Standard Live Draft Date and time Sept. 3rd at 7:14pm EDT

    Feel free to join and enjoy!

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    I'm in the 2nd one, the draft on Sunday night.

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    cool thanks

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    I joined the second one. My first time using yahoo ff (NFL official ffer).

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    still need more guys if you would like to join. I refuse to do a six team draft. Anyone familiar with fantasy football can tell you why.

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    We still only have 5 teams? Congrats to onedaythejetswillwin on winning his division already, lol.


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