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Thread: NFL Injuries during Training Camp & Pre-season

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    NFL Injuries during Training Camp & Pre-season

    It seems to me that there is a significantly higher frequency of injuries across the NFL during this training camp and pre-season.

    Do you guys think this is because there was no TC last season?

    Players showing up out of shape?

    For the NY Jets, it seems to be the WRs and TEs that are having increased hamstring issues.


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    The big difference from last year's camp was Sparano's "up tempo" pace of practice. Since receivers (WR and TE) have to run the most on each practice play, that gave an even higher strain on the legs of these guys. Too much speed work would result in hamstring injuries, which we saw.

    I have to blame a lot if not most of the injuries to guys just being overworked in practice. That's 100% on the coaching staff and mostly preventable.


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