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Thread: Jets downplay Steve Johnson's success vs Revis- M. Florio

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    Quote Originally Posted by daquix View Post
    Johnson will probably continue to average 75 yards or so against Revis. Will that be enough for a Bills win? I don't know. His style of route running is just so unorthodox which is what screws Revis up. When the Bills drafted Stevie as a 7th rounder, the GM at the time asked the DB's who was the hardest receiver to defend against. Keep in mind, this was when the Bills had Lee Evans and Peerless Price. Unanimously they all said Stevie Johnson - they said he moves so differently than any WR they had ever faced so unless you go up against him every day, it's tough to get to know him and how to read him.
    So why has he never even made a Pro Bowl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    So why has he never even made a Pro Bowl?
    Because he drops wide open passes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
    That last pass HE was wide open. HE did beat Revis like a drum. He would have scored. Watch the tape again for some reason Revis is not even in the picture. he catches that every football fan is talking about Revis getting toasted with the game on the line.
    I do think there's a perception that Revis has problems with Stevie. And yes, Raider9175 is correct that if Johnson beats Revis, that's an indictment on Revis, even if Johnson drops the ball.

    One question about that clip though - was Revis really in man coverage on Johnson? He was like 10 steps away... Could it have been a zone? I couldn't tell from that clip.

    In normal man coverage, no one beats any corner by 10 steps.

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    Nobody should be worried one bit about the "success" Johnson has had against Revis. Bart's analogy was pretty spot on, actually.

    It's very tough to completely shut out a WR. But Revis has yet to give up more than 100 yards against him and hasn't given up multiple TDs (ever?) Johnson is a good player and he's going to catch a few balls on Sunday.

    But I'd be willing to bet anything he doesn't break 100 and that the Bills offense will struggle to score TDs, especially if they're throwing it at Revis all afternoon.

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    Johnson has had a little more success against Revis than other more heralded WRs. I'm not sure if that is a pattern or a fluke, but it was noticeable last season. He's a solid WR, but nothing special. I hope Revis takes it personal and commits to completely shutting him down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post

    Yep. How many "Ifs" have the Jets had go against them that cost them playoff spots or shots at a title. It's the NFL. Every team gets those almosts, maybes and should'ves.
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    That issue deserves to be talked about. For whatever reason Revis has trouble with that dude. (Good thing he has lousy hands.)

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    I wouldn't say Revis has had "trouble" with this guy. All those 6 or 7 yard slants aint nothin to worry about. I think the Jets play more zone vs Chan Gailey offense. I noticed last year when we played the Bills they'll use lots of sets where WRs are bunched and stacked(trips formations).

    If Johnson gets 10 catches 80 yards- HE WAS SHUT DOWN!

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    Stevie has gotten the best of revis a few times. Revis needs to step it up sunday.


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