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Thread: List 3 predictions for the Jets this season

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    I agree with many of the ones previously posted so I will go with three not mentioned so far:

    1) LaRon Landry will play in every game this year
    2) Demario Davis takes over for Bart Scott in the 2nd half of the season
    3) Jordan White will return to the active roster and become Mark's favorite WR.

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    1. Jets go 4-2 in the AFCE, splitting with NE and (ugh) Miami.

    2. Tim Tebow scores 10+ rushing TD's to lead all Jets.

    3. Stephen Hill battles various injuries all season and is a non-factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyJet View Post
    1-Tebow quits due to lack of playing time and dedicates himself to the ministry

    2-Jets go 11-5 taking wild card

    3-Beat the Broncos in the afc championship and then the Giants in the Super Bowl making Archie manning disown his kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    1) Jets O-line is solidified with Austin at RT and J. Smith as blocking TE
    2) Jets will be able to generate a pass-rush without blitzing
    3) Sanchez starts all 16 games (if healthy)
    I will agree to that and add that Sanchez finally takes the next step and leads this team to a Super Bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFCEastFan View Post
    1. Jets go 4-2 in the AFCE, splitting with NE and (ugh) Miami.

    2. Tim Tebow scores 10+ rushing TD's to lead all Jets.

    3. Stephen Hill battles various injuries all season and is a non-factor.
    I've been fearing #3. His frame plus lack of refinement make me think he's going to get banged up pretty regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by section314 View Post
    3) Sanchez throws 25 td's, only 10 int's, has completion % of 63.5, and goes to 1st pro bowl.

    I am not a Sanchez basher, but there is just no way he makes that big a leap considering the state of the OL and lack of weapons around him. The only number I see remotely possible is INTs, and only because a) Sparano is so conservative I can see Sanchez's attempts being way down, and b) there is a very good chance Sanchez gets benched at some point, again limiting his overall attempts.

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    Tebow scores more TD's than Holmes.

    Jets go 2-4 in Division.

    Rex and Sparano have a fistfight ala Buddy Ryan during ATLEAST one game this year, possibly more.

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    Here are mine:

    1. Jets finish 8-8.
    2. No one gets fired.
    3. Jets make major offseason splash (maybe trading multiple players + picks for a franchise QB like Phil Rivers) restarting the cycle yet again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barney Brack View Post
    1. McKnight returns two kickoffs in the same game for tds... Ends the year with a total of 3

    2. Tebow joins the elite list of players who have thrown a TD, caught a TD and ran for a TD AND Throw a pick six in the same game

    3. Cro makes a catch and an Int in the same game
    FIXED point 2.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelligentjetsfan View Post
    2. Mike Tannenbaum will be replaced as GM at the end of the season.

    Other than the Jets winning the SB, this is the one I would most like to see happen. But unfortunately it will never happen. Not with this owner.

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    Let's get down to reality folks, the first two are predictable:

    1) We will be a top 5 defensive team in the league doubling the amount of sacks from last year. Couples likely ROY as most of you have already mentioned. Revis will be in contention for DPOY as usual.

    2) The offense is the cancer of this team unless there are major improvements. Therefore, I'lll say they will cost us at least 50% of the games... I see us going 7-9 or 8-8 at best this season.

    3) We will have to move some pawns to gain draft picks (5th or better). Ellis will eventually start, sending Pouha elsewhere via trade.

    Lastly, Rex Ryan will probably gain all his weight back.

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    Jets go 4-1 to start the season.
    SAR has an epiphany and spends the rest of the year harping on how great a job Woody, Rex and Tanny have done making the Jets winners.

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    1.Sanchez has a nice year.Not eye popping numbers but gets the completion percentage to 60 %.Cuts down on the int's.

    2. The biggest weakness on the team this year will be running back.Greene has a down year and none of the other backs step up.

    3. Dustin Keller has his best year. (contract year)

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    1. Swept by the Pats
    2. all W's will be vs Sub-500 teams
    3. Tebow will out rush Greene.

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    1. Hill will lead the team in receiving TDs

    2. Coples will winDefensive ROY w/ 8+ sack year

    3. McKnight will be the AFC Pro Bowl kick returner

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    Quote Originally Posted by section314 View Post
    Outside the box definitely welcome. Here goes......
    1) Coples wins Defensive Rookie of the year. Ends with 10.5 sacks
    2) Jason Smith starts by week 3
    3) Sanchez throws 25 td's, only 10 int's, has completion % of 63.5, and goes to 1st pro bowl.
    If #2 happens it will take a miracle for #3 to happen.

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    Homer Version:
    1. Coples wins DROY with 14 sacks 5 ff
    2. Santonio Holmes AND Shonn Green have over 1000 yards.
    3. Jets finish 11-5, win division from Buffalo, New England implodes.

    Disaster Version.
    1. Sanchez injured for the year game 1. Tebow gets hurt midyear.
    2. Shonn Greene getting under 4 yards per carry. Offense averaging 15 ppg.
    3. Jets finish 5-11, last place, but eek out some meaningless wins with McElroy at the end to ruin our draft choice chances.

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    Ok here goes:

    1) Sparano is innovative enough using jumbo packages to give Sancheez 4 seconds to throw and he sends the ball down field in sub-3 seconds in most cases

    2) The above happens because they take the shackels off Sanchez and he is allowed to play to his strengths which is read and scramble and make it happen.

    3) Miracle time now: holMEs actually proves his $45 mill worth by being free 40% of the time Mark gives him a look... Schillans gets off the bike and shows his potential... Hills draws enough attention to let the other 2 happen.

    Don't think any of the above is unreasonable and will keep the D off the field enough to win 12-4.

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    1. Hill, Holmes, and schillins all have bad years. Kerley is our number one receiver.
    2. Coples finishes with 4 sacks. Wilkerson has a big year with 6
    3. Jets finish 7-9

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    1. If the Jets are to have the number 1 defense, than their rushing offense going to have to be near the top.
    Reason you have to have your offense move the ball consistently to let the defense rest. IF your offense getting off the field alot with three and outs ,eventually that will wear out your defense. No way you can have number 1 defense.

    2 Jets will still have trouble matching up with Rb's and Te's in coverage.

    3. The Jets pass rush isn't going to be a factor this year. Might down the road but not this year as it takes time for those players to mature. They are going to have to blitz to get pressure this year.


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