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    On paper their D-line looks good but Mark Anderson is a one trick speed rusher and only had a slightly better season than Aaron Maybin, Mario Williams is a great pass rusher, however he has missed 16 games in the last two years due to injury. The problem will be handling the dynamic duo of Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus.

    None of their linebackers are very good. A couple of castoffs from Oakland and Green Bay along with some unproven young guys.

    The secondary is somewhat decent with McGee and Jairus Byrd. Most of the other players are simply decent or slightly above average. Stephon Gilmore could be great but who knows? And while I am high on Ron Brooks as a nickel corner he is also an unknown.

    This is a very winnable game as long as the defense rattles Fitzpatrick early and are able to contain Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller.

    The key on offense will be to keep Sanchez clean, run effectively to keep the defense honest, put points on the board (preferably touchdowns), and avoid costly turnovers and penalties that can kill potential scoring opportunities. Chipping the pass rushers with tight ends and backs will be important and perhaps leaving an additional block on passes will help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post
    i'll never understand how someone can derive any pleasure from trolling an internetz message board.

    but hey, don't let me stop you
    How is that trolling when it is closer to reality than some of the homer posts that litters this board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycdan View Post
    Ah, the Church of Tebow is still alive and well and preaching that a QB who passes and rushes for 60 yards each is the road to salvation.

    You're going to find this a most welcoming neighborhood
    No, not even a big Tebow fan. But if Tebow is in the game and doing his thing, it'll probably mean we are in a lot of short yardage situations or in favorable situations where a Tebow play can put us over the top. The more we see of these types of situations, the more likely the game is being played on our terms.

    If we see Sanchez trying to pass the ball for us to win, you know this isn't our game.

    Tony Sparano's offense isn't about passing the ball a lot. It's more about goofy unorthodox plays that keep defenses off balance. THis is what we signed up for. The more Tebow plays, the more likely the game is going our way.

    I'm just looking at this logically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daquix View Post
    You don't seem to understand football, or logic. What they did last year or the last ten years don't matter. A team could be awful for 40 straight years then win a Super Bowl. The past is the past.
    It does when you're talking about overcoming a culture of losing. It's much harder to overcome than you seem to realize.


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