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Thread: The Two-Party Platforms.

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    The Two-Party Platforms.

    Worth Reading.

    A massive about of political non-speak and dishonest language all around (to be expected), but a little effort can see the core ideals behind both sides.

    Vote (or vote 3rd party) accordingly.

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    Agree on the first part.

    I would be happy to consider a third party if there was a viable, especially since, living in the Republic of NY, my conservative vote counts less than zero.

    At this point I have given up hearing any of the things from a candidate that would indicate that they weren't in someone's pocket as both parties clearly are.
    1. Term Limits
    2. Elimination of pensions for elected officials as well as elimination of specialized healthcare plans.
    3. I would like one candidate, anywhere, to challenge the cost of higher educcation instead of arguing about the levels of gov't support through loans, grants, and tax-payer funded awards.

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    The Federation Party!


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