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Thread: The Media

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    I like the "We deserve it" mentality.

    The team has been good under Rex. That is not debatable. To be called a circus and talked about as though we are going to challenge for the top pick next year is just a joke. It shows a real hatred for Rex and the team.

    It just screams as though people don't know how to take Rex. It's like very few people on this planet have any social IQ.

    Whatever though... It's gonna make it that much better when the team wins now.

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    Dear All NY Sports Radio and Print Media, ESPECIALLY the NY POST;

    I cannot wait to see how you apologize to the Jet Organization for the hammering they have taken at all of your hands and mouths.
    You all look like horse asses for putting any creedence into preseason football.

    Congratulations Idiots!

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    ... stephen a. smith is an idiotic *$$hole ...


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