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Thread: "Migration is a Human Right"

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    "Migration is a Human Right" migration (i..e immigration) a human right?

    Should there therefore be no restrictions on moving from country to country as one wishes, because the rigth to do so is a human right?

    Agree or disagree?

    P.S. Interesting that ICE refused to prosecute any of them. Proof positive that illegal immigration is no longer illegal in any form in the United States.

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    I believe our founding fathers didn't put any restrictions on immigration.

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    Migration is an ability not a right. Explicit borders are a human construct.

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    I love how the bus riders feared for their lives, riding in the that bus! Oh, the heroism!

    Want to impress me? Do that bus ride in Iran, then we'll talk.

    And no - its not a "human right". Saying something is a human right is a feeble-minded way to circumvent discussion about a topic.


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