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It's funny that Tokyo's link is from an English newspaper, the kinkier the story the more the British love it.

Check this Oldie but a Goldie out ...

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1994: Police probe MP's suspicious death

Forensic scientists are investigating the "suspicious circumstances" of the death of Conservative MP for Eastleigh Stephen Milligan.

Mr Milligan, 45, was found dead at his home in Chiswick, west London, yesterday afternoon by his secretary, Vera Taggart.

Ms Taggart let herself into Mr Milligan's house after she became worried he had not kept his appointments.

Mr Milligan had spoken to a friend on the telephone at 2100 GMT on Saturday, but failed to keep a lunch arrangement on Sunday.

Hammersmith Police received a 999 call at 1623 GMT on Monday and went to the £160,000 house where the MP lived alone.

The body was naked except for a pair of stockings and suspenders

Police kept the body in the house for five hours before removing it to Fulham mortuary for post-mortem examination last night.

One officer said: "The body was naked except for a pair of stockings with oranges and suspenders."

But he refused to comment on rumours the politician was also bound and gagged.

The forensic team emerged from the MP's house after three hours carrying a bag and some furniture, including two sections of beige cupboard doors and the top of a round pine table.

Results of final forensic tests released three days later found Stephen Milligan had died of asphyxiation from the electrical flex tied in a noose round his neck.

Murder was ruled out.

Further details of the appearance of his body - including a black bin liner over his head and wearing stockings and suspenders - were consistent with auto-erotic sex practices.

At an inquest into his death a coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure and confirmed no traces of drugs or alcohol were found in Mr Milligan's body.
I guess all the neighboring badger holes were occupied.