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Thread: New Story: A Sanchez State of Mind

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    Florham Park, NJ - Mark Sanchez has faced the same criticism throughout his first three seasons; he's not very accurate, has too many turnovers, struggles adjusting past his first read and he's mentally weak. In my opinion, one of these things is not like the others.

    Has Sanchez had trouble moving past his first read? Absolutely. Troubles with accuracy and too many turnovers? Definitely. Mentally weak? Nope, I can't go there.

    I've never bought into the idea that Sanchez is mentally frail, it never made sense to me. Maybe I just have a different definition of 'mentally weak' than everyone else does,...


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    Remember during those first two seasons how, with a few exceptions in his rookie year, Sanchez would look horrible for three quarters then all of a sudden miraculously transform into a more than competent quarterback in the fourth? Mentally weak quarterbacks donít make a habit out of bouncing back.
    Excellent point.

    Great read.

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    Great read. Thanks!.

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    Very nice write up!!

    Thank you!!!!

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    In mark we trust! We have no choice!


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