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Thread: Jets Bar in Nations Capital

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    Jets Bar in Nations Capital

    Going to a place called 51st state. Anybody know anything about it or have a better suggestion?

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    I'm a law student in DC, and 51st state is awesome. I would've gone there if I didn't get Sunday ticket on my PS3, but from what I understand, it's the best Jets bar in DC.

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    Thanks. Headed there now. Hopefully they have the yankee game on too.

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    Little bit of a trip but in the Federal Hill section of Baltimore is an AWESOME Jets bar called No Idea Tavern. Wall-to-wall green and white on Sundays, Jets flags hanging outside, J-E-T-S chants and all. Oh and yea, they are Yankees fans also.

    I-95 North to MD2 Hanover St. Hanover St West/North a couple of blocks on the right. I believe the intersection is with High St.

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    Was very happy with my 51st state experience today. Jets on every tv, cheap beer and lots of jets fans. Only minus is subpar food. A few menu tweaks on the menu and it would be awesome.


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