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Thread: Is it possible we over-stated/misjudged something?

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    Is it possible we over-stated/misjudged something?

    I think we may have misjudged something.

    When Tebow comes in and Sanchez goes out for aplay, eveyone (fan and media and announcer alike) seems to think Sanchez should be angry, bitter, jelaous and otherwise displeased.

    What we may have overstated is that Tebow being in is alot like a standard running play, a handoff. QB's don't do much in most running/handoff plays. They're not usually angry when a running play gets called, are they?

    So really, should Sanchez be angry, or lose his vibe, because he stood on the sideline for a single play instead of say, handing it off for a single play? It Tebow-In for a few yards (or zero) than much more crushing to Sanchez as a Greene-up-middle-for-one yard in the same spot?

    As long as Tebow isn't throwing the ball much (0 passes first half), Tebow-In is alot like "Greene up the middle" except Sanchez gets a small breather instead of having to actually hand it off.

    I.e. maybe not the huge change and effect (on Sanchez) so many predict.

    Of course, this only stands if Tebow isn't throwing much or at all.

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    In a way, it's even like a free Time-out when Sanchez and Sparano can game plan during the play. I'm not decided yet, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. All the media speculation about Sanchez not liking it is just so much hot air.

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    Don't include all of us in this. I always thought we could have a much better offense this year than in the past because Sanchez looked sharper in pre-season and that's usually enough if your QB has a much better year.

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    Really hard to argue the use of Sanchez/Tebow given the current results, but it is still too early.

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    Couple of points:

    1- even tho it has been overstated, it can take Sanchez out of rhythm. in general, it can mess with the rhythm of both QBs and the rhythm of the O as a whole.
    2- also, sanchez is not seeing the formations from under center on these run plays, which would be beneficial to Sanchez at different points in the game.


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