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Go **** yourself; This team has been vilified and ridiculed this entire offseason. We supposedly had NO OFFENSIVE WEAPONS, NO OFFENSIVE LINE, NO QUARTERBACK, NO RUNNING BACKS. If we hadn't scored on those turnovers, the naysayers would screaming their heads off about how we suck on offense. You can't have it both ways.

Funny but Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Santonio Holmes, Jeff Cumberland looked pretty good to me and that is not including Keller who clearly wasn't 100% or Schilens who is finally healthy and did catch a pass for 1st down.

Austin Howard ***** Slapped Mario Williams ALL DAY. The rest of the Oline played marvelous game against what Gannon was calling perhaps the best Dline in Football before the game began.

Sanchez is taking his game to the next level and will shut up all his critics this year. Even our Running backs by committee can get the job done.

Every game is different. In this game we CREATED turnovers and then TOOK ADVANTAGE of them. That is what good teams are supposed to do.

When you score 48 points on an opponent you don't have to qualify it with a bunch of excuses for the other team. It was an ass kicking, pure and simple.
well said and I completely agree.