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Thread: god help the rams/stafford. hunter at LT

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    god help the rams/bradford. hunter at LT

    This is not going to end well for them!
    i meant bradford. sorry !
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    you mean bradford?

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    Wayne Hunter is so bad his sacks are transferable to the opposing team.

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    God help them with Schitty. Seriously, how many turnovers does DET have and StL could only muster 13 offensive points? I completely forgot about him being there when I drafted S Jackson in my FF league. If anyone could render Jackson ineffective it's Schitty.

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    Bradford may not make week 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by -inVINCEible- View Post
    you mean bradford?
    Stafford is the LT on that team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    Stafford is the LT on that team.
    Saffold. And Hunter actually did alright at LT, but Schotty pulled out a patented 'play not to lose' gameplan in the 4th and the Rams choked.

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    I'm so confused right now


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