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Thread: The Official "I'm Happy and it's OK" Thread

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    I'm happy Sanchez has learned how to protect the football....

    O WAIT...

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    Definitely most satisfying game that I've been to!

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    It was fun to watch, happy that I could not predict offensive plays, almost liked the QB transitions, should keep defenses up at night

    Great first game, swagger is coming back

    I am happy and Direct TV will be happy too...

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    Definitely Happy.

    I just don't like the way the defense went into a shell in the 2nd half and how we continue to beat a dead horse with Shonn Greene. Powell and McKnight need to be more involved in the gameplan.

    But on the positive side, Sanchez is beginning to look like the QB we drafted him to be, Austin Howard has seemingly singlehandedly turned around this offensive line, Hill looks like a dynamic young receiver in the making, and we have what is most likely the best secondary in the league.

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    Very very happy. A great Sunday afternoon!

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    I happy Stokes has not hijacked this thread yet !

    I'm also ecstatic with the teams performance.


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