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Thread: Good and Bad

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    Good and Bad


    Sanchez looked fantastic - maybe Tebow pushing the guy is what he needed to get focused for this year. He looks stronger throwing the ball, no doubt due to his off-season increased weightlifting regimen. Overall the perfect start to his year.

    We never heard Austin Howard's name called today - which is just what you want. And this was against Super Mario. Just a great job today in his first start for the Jets.

    INT's by the DB's. Our defensive backs came to play today.

    fast start offensively - finally the team didn't dig a hole in the beginning of the game and came out with some solid offense in the first half

    special teams looked very good

    BAD - mostly minor stuff

    Sanchez trying to be Brett Favre with the bonehead play

    Bart Scott making a rookie mistake trying to strip the ball instead of tacking the ball carrier - which lead to the long TD

    Poor rushing defense showed our LB are slow. Again Bart Scott didn't look very good.

    Our vaunted DL was quiet today. Was there even one sack ?

    Leaving the starters in with a big win was an unnecessary injury risk. Revis, Harris, Landry all should have sat the entire 4th quarter.

    The Wildcat looked like a kitten.


    Shonn Greene accumulated the yards but his YPC was poor. Our RB are just not good and there's not much push by the OL to help them.

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    I should add Hill with an great start to his career. The guy looks like he may have an impressive year.


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