It was great to see the Jets dominate and Sanchez have a great game. However a lot of us long time Jet fans have seen the Jets dominate one week and lay and egg the next one but this team can win back respect and the fans one game at a time and that is what I look for them to do. I want them to sweep the Patsies and be competitive every week. The key lessons from this first game are:

-Preseason really does not mean a damn thing.

-Sanchez is getting better when he has time to throw.

-We really dont need any more receivers what we have now seems to be fine.

-Trading Hunter was a great idea

The only concerns I have are that the Bills seem to be throwing to their tight end a lot and as the season goes on I think more team will also try and leverage our slow L/B's.

For now though these players came through and walked the walk. Great win and a great start to the season !!