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Thread: Bart Scott rules

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    He rules at missing arm tackles, that's for sure.

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    Best Bart Scott line I've heard all month: Bart Scott said he wouldn't let his kids play football, which kind of makes me wish Bart Scott had Bart Scott as his dad.

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    Dude is on the way out. But he doesn't SUCK that much. And Davis ain't ready yet.

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    He also said, ‎"They call us the circus, I don't know about bozoo...But those are my guys, whatever they are I am too." -Bart Scott. .. I love this guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFCEastFan View Post
    Interesting comparison to Bryan Cox. I think it's an open question who is the better player . . . right now.

    As a Patriots fan and a long-time Scott hater, I can only hope that he stays on the field as long as possible to increase the chances that he will embarrass himself on the field at a key time. I wish no ill will on the Jets generally, but this guy is one of my least favorite players in NFL history.

    Edit: Just watched the video, and credit where credit's due -- it's a great interview.
    Nobody gives a **** what you think

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzelada121 View Post
    Nobody gives a **** what you think
    Great -- now my wife is posting here.


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