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Thread: Can't wait to hear what Fatcessa has to say tomorrow...

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    I heard Francesa, SAR took his words out of context. He said Jest fans, as all fans from teams that won in week one are celebrating.

    I hate Francesa, but in truth, from the little I heard (the first segment of his show), I didn't think his comments were anti-Jets.
    I actually listened to 5 minutes of his show today (f'n Russo was talking about f'n Tennis all day long) at work. Said the Jets were "too quick to celebrate" and "picked on the Bills nickelback".

    Whatever. If it wasn't for Russo talking about friggin Tennis I wouldn't have heard a single word that fat clown said in between Brad benson commercials.

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    WFAN's Sweeny Murti Puts Mike Francesa to Sleep

    His reaction when he wakes up is priceless. Poor guy probably didn't get his Daily value of Twinkies.


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