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Thread: Interesting set of stats that should put a smile on people's faces

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    I love how the Jets seem to think.. we don't care if this kid is a rookie that was part of an option offense in college (Hill).. if he has single coverage down the sideline his 6'4" frame is getting the damn ball.

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    The only stats you need to know are these:

    70.4 Completion percentage

    9.9 Yards per attempt.

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    This is the style of offense we could have had all through Sanchez's career thus far if we had fired Schoddy after the 2008 collapse as I had wanted. The collapse of that season was, IMO, almost as much on Schoddy's play calling as it was on Favre's injured arm. I also thought that in drafting such a talented QB who had leadership skills and enthusiastic demeanor, is that Schoddy would stunt his growth and take the life out of the kid's attitude. Why we stayed with him so long remains a mystery, but I thank everything worthy of thanking that he is gone. Now this offense can do what it could've/should've been doing for years now, and what I told every single moron who came up to me and said, "Jets suck!" in the last four years. The offensive coordinator has been hamstringing our offense. He is now gone. Watch out NFL.


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