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Thread: I apologize.........

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    I apologize.........

    For my pessimistic view on the Jets coming into the season.

    These are my thoughts...

    I would like to say I hated our offseason. We didn't address the OL or add any play makers on offense prior to getting Stephen Hill even after we got Hill, at that point I didn't see a immediate upgrade. We traded for a QB that couldn't throw to create controversy but not an upgrade for the position. We signed a OC that we saw as a failure who lead one of the worst offenses while he was in Miami.

    On the defensive side, we didn't do much better. It is the same defense we had last year where we felt the LB corps was slow, aging, and couldn't generate a rush to save their lives.

    During the preaseason, nothing but a circus surrounded by Tebow and Sanchez talk and Cry baby Holmes. We couldn't score a touchdown to save our lives. I did see some bright spots. Landry if healthy can be a pro powl player. Stephen Hill as I written in other posts will suprise us all this year with his production. Quentin Coples was as dominate as he wants to be.

    Now after the first game, although only one game... I see alot of things I liked. I am very enthusiastic about our top 2 picks. I think they will be impact players for years to come. Sanchez although made a bone head flip that turned into a INT, he is aggressive and making throws down field. Kerley who was drafted to return punts scored on a PR and later on offense. The running game is not where I want it to be but I can't complain since Greene had a solid game. He is not explosive, doesn't scare defenses and can't catch the ball. He is a one dimensional back and his backups haven't shown me much either. I think we should improve it next year.

    On defense, Laron Landry made plays all game long. Wilson showed some glimpses that he is not a bust the way we said he was. Revis is well... THE BEST and Cromartie showed his awesome ball skills as usual. I would like our pass rush to be better from the LB positions... and not for nothing, and I know we had a lead but we gave up a ridiculous amount of rushing yards. Thats all great and well if we were playing the prevent defense with the lead... but how can we give up all those rushing yards when Fitzpatrick came back with 3 TD passes? That leads me to believe either Spiller is just that good? NOT or just that our LB's have regressed to the point where they are too slow to rush the pass and stop the run.

    I'm not complaining though. Just food for thought. I am very proud of the team and I apologize for giving up on the season before it started.

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    Accepted. I didn't listen to you anyway.

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    In related news SAR is eating dlck

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    Good for you man.You're a Stand up jetfan. It's only one game but you have to feel good about our chances.


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