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Thread: An example of execution being the big deal ...

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    An example of execution being the big deal ...

    While there were some questionable playcalls especially regarding timing with Sanchez throwing a perfect pass, Tebow coming in, and then Sanchez missing an easy pass. All those things hopefully will be fixed. The main thing I liked about the playcalling was the downfield attacking. Sanchez averaged a career high 9.8 yards a completion and 4-5 receivers averaged more than 10 yards a reception. We stayed attacking downfield when it matters. Execution however is the most important piece. Take for example the Kerley TD pass. There's no separation from Kerley with the DB when Sanchez delivers the pass but the back shoulder fade/separation in the last .8 seconds with Kerley adjusting is what made the TD. Kerley made as good of a play as you can make both with the separation and catch but Sanchez threw that ball with Aaron Rodgers of last year and Bries precision.

    The main example of this however was mentioned during the post game. Stephen Hill's 2nd TD came on the SAME EXACT play that the Giants INT'd for a pick 6 in the pre season. In the pre season Sanchez said he threw the ball behind instead of leading him properly and it showed how one subtle mixtake can lead to a dramatic turn of events. Well this time on the same exact play Sanchez leads Hill (who catches the ball short of the 1st down marker on 3rd down) ... something Jet fans HATE when they see a receiver run a route or catch a ball short of the 1st down marker on 3rd down (meanwhile Pats do this constantly) ... here Sanchez makes the throw he's supposed to make and Hill makes a play while breaking a tackle and running it in for a TD.

    A lot of people want to attribute what happened yesterday to playcalling, bad defense on the Bills part, Sanchez playing out of his mind, etc. I say its a combination of the aggressive playcalling attacking the Bills secondary downfield (which opened the run game), But mainly it was the execution with excellect pass blocking by the O Line, Sanchez making solid throws and reads, receivers making plays. Oh yeah a little luck doesn't hurt. We lost 3 fumbles but recovered all 3. Those things go unnoticed but they help. Giants in the playoff's and superbowl last year lost I think 6 fumbles and receovered all 6. Manning mentioned this after the game talking about the subtle things that can help you get on a run. If we lose those 3 fumbles it might be a completely different game, who knows.

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    What happened yesterday was the result of poor Buffalo play and us playing a great game, but I think most of it was due to surprise. We showed so many different persoonel packages,that they could not put in the correct defensive subs in time. I hope we can continue to do this even faster, maybe even out of the hurry up.

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    Sanchez having the time to make all those throws doesn't hurt either. Its a lot easier to throw the ball downfield when you have a beautiful pocket to throw from. When the pocket is constantly collapsing, I don't care if the OC is Shotty, Sparano, Sean Peyton or Don Coryell. It ain't gonna work.

    In the passing game, every unit deserves kudos.


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