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Thread: Tebow used well..

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    Tebow used well..

    This game didnt predicate a Tebow pass but I believe it's coming when need be. Tebow was essentially a RB and a very basic one at that. If Tebow continues to run these basic plays the defense will assume it's a run based on the odds and that is when he is going to throw behind a safety. I hope that Sanchez continues to play well so the Tebow factor is even more of a mystery.

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    agree with you.

    prepare to get bashed, though.

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    One thing I have yet to see posted - I like the fact that it seemed to give Sanchez a 45 second “time out” when Tebow came in to huddle with the coaches and make sure everyone is on the same page. Very few mistakes yesterday and this could be a big reason why.


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