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Thread: NYJ on cover of Wall Street Journal

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    NYJ on cover of Wall Street Journal

    Not sure if this was my building they stack the WSJ out front. walked by..did a double take.

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    This Batman theme continues.

    I personally like the Joker bit better.

    Just keep the pressure, media. You ****tards.

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    Wish it was him and hill with that heading, would have been much more accurate.

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    Tebow did nothing, it was all Mark!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedinGreenNC View Post
    Tebow did nothing, it was all Mark!
    Yeah...Tebow was a non factor but he sells papers.

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    Hey, the WSJ has 33 pulitzers while the Post, in business for over 200 years, has 0.

    I'll take a positive picture from them, even if it features the little girl who ran out and picked up the kicking tee, over the cartoon from the other trash POS.

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    Tebow did his part by taking up a lot of the Bills Defensive preparation time this week. They spent a lot of time prepping for Tebow this week, and every minute they spent on him and wildcat, was 1 less minute they spend prepping for Sanchez and the standard O.


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