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Thread: Democrat Congresswoman Busted Voting in 2 States

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    Quote Originally Posted by doggin94it View Post
    There's no national voter registry and states don't cross check registries on a regular basis. No reason it should have been caught (and this is one Voter ID would do nothing to catch, btw)
    I never said anything about voter ID...

    I asked how it went unchecked because it's a lib philosophy that it simply doesn't exist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by piney View Post
    your example is too simplistic, what are the crime statistics in the area? What is the cost of the extra security? Does this mean you would advocate no matter where the pharmacy is located (high crime area or low crime area) they should all have security guards and cameras regardless of the cost and benefit?

    If I own a pharmacy and suffer say a .009 percent of losses due to theft I should take on extra expenses of say 15% by hiring security and installing a video monitoring system in order to stop that .009 loss?
    If I own a pharmacy and I am thinking of hiring a security guard it goes without sating that the theft losses are more then the salary of said guard. The idea that voter fraud doesn't exist is a left wing fairy tale. It does. If a Congresswoman is doing it you can feel certain that lots of other people do. There has never been any way to stop it or prevent it so leftists like to point our the low number of arrests made. That's like saying a bear doesn't crap in the woods because no one saw them do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piney View Post
    This I would be okay with. I think some specifics still need to be worked out

    (Expiration, cost to taxpayers, how to get everyone who wants to vote and can register a card, how to eliminate double registration, what does this mean for absentee ballots, etc)
    translation: I would bog your RACIST idea down in red tape so that it could never be implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantum View Post
    translation: I would bog your RACIST idea down in red tape so that it could never be implemented.

    Translation: I don't really care about voter fraud I just support anything R says I should support without thinking.


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