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Thread: Fitzpatrick: "They were probably more vanilla than they have been in the past"

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    I didnt' bother reading the comments here 'cause the moment I read Fitzpatrick's comment, I had to post this.

    Does anyone think that he's referring more to SCHITTYHEIMER'S GARBAGE OFFENSIVE SCHEMES in the PAST than anything else?

    I mean the schemes had so much motion and other crap that was so damn confusing. I think that's what Fitz was talking about....

    I like "Vanilla" in this case.

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    I take this as the ultimate compliment. If we can score 48 points and do as good a job defending the Bills for 3 quarters as we did, just how good can we be when Rex really starts scheming?

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    It's a little too early to say, but these Jets are NOT the Jets of old. These Jets look confident, fast, hard-hitting, brutal, mature, working as a team, and kicking butt.

    I think we've stepped into a new era.
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    it's still too early to tell but if fitzpatrick's comments are true then the league had better watch out. there is nothing more dangerous than a disciplined and unpredictable team. if the jets keep their heads in the game and play to win they will go far.

    on to pittsburgh.


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