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Thread: Bills fan on "dirty" Landry...and the jets.

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    Bills fan on "dirty" Landry...and the jets.

    Great thread, i thought i'd share.

    people dislike rex and his "act" but our team is and is perceived as the coach is...we are big bad and we dont give a ****...just listen to some of these fans wish their team had half the swagger we have.

    i was also kind of surprised at how reasonable some of these guys are, some of them really seem objective.

    This thread reeks of sore losers.

    Stop being babies. Oh no, the other team is mean and plays on the edge: What will we do?

    Apparently back down and complain about it afterward.
    I don't think it was dirty at all. This is football - when you are a ball carrier you know the risks and accept them.

    What a difference a year makes - this board was defending Stevie to the death when KC was calling him dirty for taking a low shot (that they say resulted in a torn ACL for Eric Berry). There is nothing different here, except that Landry's hit was on a ball carrier, while Stevies was off the ball.
    We are soft ... They have LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell and we have Jairus Byrd, who barely looks like an NFL player!

    Cannot understand all the hype surrounding this kid!

    It would be nice if we had more players who could layout the big licks!
    After watching the video of Stevie on Berry, I am not sure how you can even compare the two. Stevie's is away from the ball on a block downfield and Eric Berry never saw cheap shot. Landry's is a clean tackle. I know it hurts the team, but let's be real....these are not even arguably in the same league.
    Landry is a scumbag and has always played dirty but he has to play that way. He can't tackle normally as you could see by Spiller breaking his tackles on both long runs.

    Just because a guy launches himself at players does not make him a good safety.

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    hey, how'd the last one get in there? :-)


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