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Thread: New Story: Jerricho Cotchery Reflects on the Old and New

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    Post New Story: Jerricho Cotchery Reflects on the Old and New

    Florham Park, N.J.: You will be hard pressed to find any Jets fan who would talk about Jerricho Cotchery in a negative manner.* For seven seasons, the Jets wide receiver selected in the fourth-round of the 2004 draft quickly became a fan favorite, producing four seasons with over 50 receptions (including two over 80) and appearing in multiple playoff games for Gang Green.

    It is hard to forget the tough yards after the catch, his success against the Patriots and him almost always being involved in the most crucial plays.* Have you ever read an article about him complaining about...


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    Interesting. Good article.

    Jerricho is a classy guy. He seems to indicate that it's more of a family in Pitt for him...with guys who have your back. There may be a little more of a "hired gun" perception here with the Jets as we've gone Cotchery, Braylon Edwards, Plaxico, singed Santonio longterm, etc. that I think doesn't sit well with Jerricho.

    He was a great Jet. Interesting to hear his perspective on the Jets D! That comment about who he's really taken notice of on the Jets D made me smile a little bit....and think that there's something other teams are really watching now!

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    Classy dude. Real football player.

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    Great dude. Would have been nice to have him back again.

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    Always liked J CO. Great guy. seemed to come up big in big spots. Never forget that catch VS the pats where he landed on the safetys body without hitting the ground and got up and ran for like a 71 ?? yard TD. Wish him well again this year, just not this Sunday.

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    Jerricho is the guy that I am most afraid of this Sunday. Revis and Cro will match up well against the Steelers starters. Kyle Wilson will have his hands full with the Steelers number 3 WR. The, who do we have? Ellis Lankster? Against Jerricho Cotchery? That's the mismatch of the century.

    If we get into a close, highly competitive game that goes right down to the wire, which we are sure to be, Jerricho Cotchery could be the deciding factor in the Steelers favor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    Ellis Lankster? Against Jerricho Cotchery? That's the mismatch of the century.
    Lankster pissed me off with that bad TD Sunday considering he isn't a bad CB. I watched Lankster in practice a couple of days and he has talent. Rex was praising him often. This guy has ability and could be a sleeper at CB but giving up that TD won't get you any praise..

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    This guy was a Warrior in Green and White and a Patriot Killer to boot


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