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Thread: Let's set the record straight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    He's not Scott.

    I read his few posts from last season. Different writing style. Even Scott's not THAT good.
    I don't think so either, but at this point a precedence has been set, so if you want to be taken seriously on JI, starting threads like this and posting in the same manner gets you lumped into the same category.

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    The OP was a Schotty defender. Dump. Ban. End Thread. The Jets offense was better the minute they let that turd walk.

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    I was someone who defended some of the OP's points in his first thread, mainly that post-count doesn't mean a damn at all, which I still believe is completely true. Talking more doesn't mean speaking more intelligently, but I digress.

    To come on the board and try and give everyone a big "shame on you" for starting threads like "here come the sacks!" or whatever else irks you, is beyond ridiculous.

    We are FANS, we banter, we complain, we praise, we argue. You can have your opinion, and you can post whatever you like to reflect that opinion, but to try and put on some righteous "Stop getting overly hyped bc I said so, and I have superior rationality" is like telling the media to stop making polarizing predictions and writing articles. It's what they do, this is what fans do.

    When you watch a game do you get excited when the Jets score first, or do you wait until the end of the game to show any emotion in fear of being wrong or the Jets losing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    He's not Scott.

    I read his few posts from last season. Different writing style. Even Scott's not THAT good.
    If someone was creating alternate accounts for the sole purpose of causing trouble on the my opinion....that should be instant perma-ban.

    Just sayin.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiseOldWalt View Post
    1. Nobody wants the Jets to succeed more than me. Nobody! I love Rex, and I even tend to like the GM.
    2. Your volume of posts on this forum does not give you any level of authority nor does it speak to your knowledge of the Jets or the NFL in general.
    3. I am not a Bills fan or a Steelers fan nor do I post under any other name on this forum.
    4. This is a public forum, not your private club with your friends.

    When a group of men come together to build something they must do so in a serious manner, recognizing their failings first and foremost and patting themselves on the back rarely if ever.

    When a different group of men post statements like:
    "The AFC playoff field is already set"
    "The Jets Powerhouse offense will light up the struggling Pitt Defense"
    "BIG BEN vs Jets DL = Here come the SACKS!!!"

    It is just irrational.

    Put down the kool-aid gentlemen. Enjoy the victories, absolutely. Look forward to challenging contests. Improve on your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. But don't shout down the voices that point out the reality of your situation.
    Lighten up Francis.


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