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Thread: What Celeb am I sitting next to at 49ers game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    See? This is a guy who knows his food. Plus, look at the light touch on the burger. Yeas, it's perfectly pink and juicy. But, more importantly, the meat has a loose pack, which has not been pressed into bovine oblivion/sludge.

    Joe, they look gorgeous and have me salivating. Continued success, muchacho.
    Thanks for the kind words!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    LMAO. Just thinking of Tom Carvel saying that has me in stitches.

    Tom speaks near the end.
    Hey, if the wife is there, I roll with Cookie puss, and watch Upton-Bosom-Mania from a safe distance. Otherwise, its the constant cold shower...

    "Hey mama...

    "Yes, handsome?

    "I was thinking about taking a break here, to whisper sweet nothings in your ear...

    "Oh, that sounds great. What did you want to tell me about Kate Upton?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuidoYaztremski View Post

    Jebus, it looks like Sanchez gave her a dirty sanchez...

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    The pope with a Tebow Jersey and a jets mitre

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    4 possible Jets Fans



    or maybe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanPatsFan View Post
    Jebus, it looks like Sanchez gave her a dirty sanchez...
    Is that David Spade with a wig and a tan?

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    Jets are in Miami next Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkrotraz View Post
    So Jets just called me to confirm if I will be sitting in my Coaches Club Seats next Sunday for 49ers game. Long story short Jets donated them to a Charity auction which I was highest bidder.

    Anyhow Jets are starting process of allocation of comp tickets for celebs in Coaches club and wanted to make sure I was in my seats. I guess to ensure I did not scalp them to some nut.

    I asked him what celeb am I sitting next to and he said he cant tell me for security reasons. I then asked if there are celeb comp seats near me who would have been sitting near me at the Bills game? He goes Vanessa Williams and Charles Oakley would have been sitting near me.

    So who the heck is going to be sitting next to me at the 49ers game? What kind of celebs go to Jets games?
    So they are giving free comp seats to the wealthy while charging us PSLs...gotta love the Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGJoe View Post
    We went back to the roots of tailgating and created an awesome burger, the TGJ Lot Burger. We get burger patties from the best butcher in NYC, Pat LaFrieda, that are a blend of chuck/short rib/brisket. LaFrieda supplies all the best chefs in the city and is the meat in the best burgers in NYC. We then squirt some of this Cheddar sauce I make and some of the "quick caramelized" onions and finish it off with rolls I get baked special from Royal Crown bakery which everyone in Staten Island/Brooklyn knows is an awesome bakery.

    Geezz Joe, those look great. Sounds just like the way I like to order them too. You're doing it right.


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