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Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Jets Vs. Steelers Week 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    the sky is falling

    the sky is falling

    the Jets will never win another game

    fire the coach

    fire the GM

    fire all the players

    fire the owner

    the sky is falling

    the sky is falling

    that about covers everything you will hear at this great message board for awhile

    now turning over the site to the SOJFs for a few days while the 1-1 tied for first place in the division New York Jets get ready to play Miami next weekend in South Beach
    i need at least tonite and then i will be on your page for next week. new england losing was the highlight of the day for me. this and mcintyre playing well also

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    It's one game that we all should have known was a long shot to win. Just as we should have not gone overboard about last weeks win, same goes for this weeks loss.
    There will be a lot to clean up and work on this week to be ready for the Fins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medianoche View Post
    Must you always announce that you sent a post from Tapatalk. It's really annoying dude. Change your settings or whatever, but please for the love of God, stop announcing after each text or post that you sent it through Tapatalk. Nobody cares dude.
    Ha! No way. Not now.

    [edit: this was from my phone. I'll have to figure out how to enable the tapatalk settings so I leave a sig here, too]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    A few thoughts...

    Kyle Wilson is a bust. Please don't try telling me otherwise.

    - He's certainly no Revis. His instincts for the position are highly questionable.

    Cromartie is overrated as hell on this board

    - Terrible play on the ball on the deep TD pass. If Revis had been defending there, that ball would have been picked or batted down. Cro didn't even know where the ball was.

    Please end the "Shonn Greene as a workhorse" experiment

    - Definitely a position that needs upgrading. Two yards and a cloud of dust isn't going to cut it. Powell looks decent but isn't a feature back either. The coaches clearly have little confidence in McKnight.

    McIntyre should be starting

    - Despite people constantly calling for his head, McIntyre has developed into a very solid player. He was the best player in green yesterday, by some distance. Tough, sets the edge well, never gives up on the pass-rush. Two sacks and 3 or 4 TFLs is the kind of game that BLT and Pace can only dream of having.

    Sanchez still isn't there yet

    - He's an enigma. Looks great one week, less than great the next. Maybe the blow to the head was at play because, otherwise, there is no acceptable explanation for his second half struggles, WR dropsies aside.

    I think we've found our punter

    - Malone looks very promising. Can really boom it and looks like a far better prospect than Conley. Let's hope we can keep him and develop him into a consistent field-position weapon.


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