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Thread: NY Jets vs Big Ben Douchelisberger & the ****tsburgh Steelers Hampur Gameday Thread

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    LEt it go, LET IT GO: The cold never bothered me anyway
    Quote Originally Posted by Fishooked View Post
    Hiking to the lake? Well nuts to that. I don't have a boat anymore, but I do roll with a canoe.

    But **** that with the mountain lions and bears and **** - I've had plenty of close calls with bears...but mountain lions takes the cake.

    Nice bass too bro...I never care about the size of the fish, as long as you're catching something thats all that matters.

    We should start a 'fishing thread' here, Im sure it can't just be us two and Warfish that do it...

    Was gonna start one a few months ago, but after my " I dont think the Jets have a good RB thread" back in TC i learned my lesson to keep away from the thread starting button.

    Warfish fishes too? Are there many fish in Scotland, WF?

    Do you just launch your canoe wherever you like? That sounds like a great idea. Canoe's can hold beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post
    Looks like he's thinking "is that an Iphone?"

    I got more of a "screw you, Stumpy caught my brother. You're no Stumpy!" feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdJETSetter View Post
    Do you just launch your canoe wherever you like?
    Not since I got married.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantum View Post
    Not since I got married.

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