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Thread: Positives and negatives from this ****show

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackhuntr View Post

    We're still tied for first.
    Actually ... We own first at this point...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    Here's what you are missing...

    There are NO positives in a game like this. We took it on the chin today from a vastly superior team. We do not even belong in a conversation with the Steelers.

    We pride ourselves on being a very physical team. Whenever we face a team as physical as us? We don't fight to win that battle. We get scared and run away with our tails between our legs.

    We need to weed out players who are not up to a challenge like this.

    P.S. WTF are you doing listing SANCHEZ as a positive? The guy played like a couple of drives decent and then he SUCKED for the REST of the game. THAT does not bear mentioning as a positive in any way, it's purely negative.
    Belong in a conversation?

    The Steelers SUCK.

    We just SUCK a whole lot worse.

    **** that noise, the Steelers aren't very good, we just **** the ****ing bed today on a couple plays. Save it.

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    New name for Dave Harris: "Quicksand". As in, he covers TE's like he's running in quicksand.

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    we lose to the Fins next week, fire everyone on this staff, trade everyone (along with saying how BAD everyone is) and call for Tebow to bring us to the promise land.

    We win. Amazing playcalling. We love Rex, we love Sanchez!! he's the real deal!! Defense is top 5!

    Drama queens us Jet fans are. Unreal. It's Week 2.


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