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Thread: maybe 2 more wins before the BYE

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    You do not watch much football if you are making these statements. The Niners are very capable of shutting us out and their offense doesn't turn the ball over. Their running game is a beast to handle and they have weapons on the inside and outside in the passing game. That is our hardest game this season and we will get blown to pieces if we play like we did today.
    Agreed! We were out-physcialed today. If we plasy like 99 pound weaklings against SF, we will surely suffer a physical beating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    You guys are overreacting.

    We'll beat the Dolphins x2 and Colts. I know the Fins play us tough, but I think Rex will eat Tannehill alive. Worst case scenario we're 4-4 entering the bye. I still think 5-3 is possible. We could upset the 49ers or Texans at home.

    The Steelers and Ravens own us. Our O will be much better next week.
    The Steelers and Ravens always out-hit us. But we sucked against Buffalo in the second half and it carried over until today. Miami has a fast RB and a tough OL. its not a great Ol but it will hit you. The Jets better wake up! Rex BS's that he is a great defensive mind. He does have some credentials but how could he allow his defense to be so weak against a banged up Pittsburgh? Rex ought to shut up and start ripping his players that were out-toughed today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    Average team in a bad division? 13-3 last year, 2 muffed punts away from probably being SB champs. Shut down, and I mean absolutely shut down, the Packers offense last week. They don't need to be hyped, their performance on the field since the start of last season speaks for itself.
    Rodger still had 303 yards and 2 TDs. GB has never had a good run game but they definitely weren't ready for that game. I wouldn't say they shut Rodgers down he was pretty good in the 4th. Check the stats last year out side of Big Ben SF didn't fare well vs good QBs. 13-3 my ass we went to 2 consecutive AFCC's. They are not better then us you put us in the division we have 12-4 13-3 record too. They haven't played that good and the stats show it. Wins are all people look at though. Try watching a game they where far from dominate. I'm more scared of Zona then SF.

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    The problem today was we didn't play like the pissed off football team that took the field vs the Bills. Sanchez gets drilled our defense should have whacked one of their guys after. No emotion at all today. No Revis or Keller for us but they had no Polamalu or Harrison.

    I hope the NYPost does something again this week to fire them up.

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    maybe 2 more wins before the bye... maybe 6.

    can't predict a thing, let it play out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    Smith is one of the few starters in the league I wouldn't take over Sanchez. Moss, Crabbtree, Davis, Gore Manningham, Smith, Hunter? Am I supposed to be scared of any of those names? Maybe Davis but he still has no one to trow him the ball. Akers is their only real O weapon. Their OL is even a big joke and they still haven't proven they can stop a real QB. Not that we have one but I don't see where it matters. We are at home vs a team that is not better talent wise. period. It should be an easy win.
    Wow, like the way you back tracked on Davis. Yes and Gore is horrible, and the OL, considered among the best in football really sucks. And of course, their defense, hahahahah.

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    Scrolled through the If the 49ers are average, then I guess we should be playing in the CFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkSackExchange View Post
    beat Phins next week, take care of Indy before the BYE. ..but I don't see any other wins before the bye. ..
    You can thank the retarded Tim Tebow trade.

    NFL wants Sanchez benched in favor of its ATM Machine Tebow and those nationally televised games we have second half of the season. Hence the gauntlet of a schedule before the BYE.


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