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Thread: Shonn Greene - Seen enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornjulio21 View Post
    There are very few #1 RB's in the NFL. It's all by committee now. The hits are too many and too hard from massive forces.

    The problem is less Shonn Greene, and more that the Jets have never established a solid #2 or #3 back, and defenses know what's coming. We don't run a myriad of running plays that keeps defenses guessing. There's the Greene package of play. The McKnight package, the Tebow package. We don't run from the 4 or 5 wide. They're keyed on him and know where's he's heading.

    The wildcat was so successful at first as the defense didn't know where to go. Same can be said of defensing Tebow, Vick, RG III..guys that are hard to defend cause of their options. Good offenses keep defenses off balance through their different looks. You see that from the 49ers, Pack, Pats, Mannings. We give the same looks week in and week out.

    Greene delivers massive blows that do take a toll on the defense. He should get carries predominately in the 2nd half and after a couple of first downs. In the meantime, all players should be able to execute all plays.

    The era of the dumbed down offense needs to end. Defenses are too good, while we don't have a plethora of experienced playmakers that will get calls. WE have just got to do a better job of keeping defenses guessing, with a QB that understands how to audible to create better mismatches or options.

    There are 32 NFL teams. Other than maybe Donald Brown, I would take the #1 running back on every single team over Shonn Greene....this includes Beanie Wells and Kevin Smith.

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    i wouldnt mind seeing the jets persue guys like knowshon moreno beanie wells or felix jones very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    i wouldnt mind seeing the jets persue guys like knowshon moreno beanie wells or felix jones very soon.
    Definitely, the Jets need more legit options at rb as Greene is too one-dimensional to shoulder an effective running game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post
    It is simple Geene isn't now and never was a number 1 RB in the NFL


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