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Thread: Harrison's Review on NBC Reveals Referee Failures

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    At least the Jets got their a$$ kicked by the Steelers and didn't lose the game on a phantom holding call by the replacement refs.
    Are you blaming the Pats loss on a holding penalty? Really?

    There are so many reasons the Pats lost and the holding penalty isn't one of them.

    How about sitting on the ball to kick a 42 yard FG? when it comes down to it, Lord Bellicheat lost the game for the Pats.

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    the one thing that sucks in this replacement referee situation is how the replacements are being treated. no mercy for these guys who are used to reffing HS and D3 college games. Not their fault the refs/NFL can't come to an agreement. you got guys like Flacco saying "they're ruining the integrity of the game." I'd feel like sht if I were a replacement ref. I'm sure these guys are nice guys off the field, just not ready for this level. flacco's a dck.

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    The refs were horrible in the Miami game as well. They refused to call holding. There were several obvious "how can they not call that" type of missed calls. In fairness, they weren't calling any on our offensive line, but I wasn't paying much attention to that obviously. There were a few times that Wake or Starks were literally tackled. It was sooooo frusterating. But I don't blame them, I blame the NFL. It's just a joke.

    Also, I had a question to anybody watching the end of the Patriots Cardinals game. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, but, it was 2nd and 10 from the 30 yard line. The rb ran it in for a touchdown, but the TE was called for holding which brought it back. The very next play was still 2nd and 10 from the 30. It should have been 2nd and 20 from the 40. I did switch the channel for a second to check out another game, but I didn't miss much at all. It confused me because nobody else mentioned it. The commentators didn't notice, and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. Obviously it's not a big deal anymore because they missed the fieldgoal. But that's a big mistake to make at the end of a game. Can anybody correct me on this? Did I see it right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
    Displayed how the Jets WR's were frequently held and obstructed throughout the game, creating timing issues and incompletions.

    As soon as PIT discovered the offensive holds were not being called, their DB's increased the offenses until it was standard play.

    Also linked the same conditions with Baltimore's frustrations against the Eagles.
    I didn't know Harrison pointed that out but I was b!tching about that thw whole game after the start of the 2nd quarter. We were a machine until then. Also the helmet-to-helmet that slowed down Greene wasn't called. And when someone who doesn't even like you points it out, it's far more credible than someone who likes you pointing it out.

    And then they called it when it DIDN'T happen and the crowd booed and screamed angrily at them like they were fixing it against the Steelers.

    I swear, they get more calls in that place than maybe any team anywhere. And we play the "Offensive line can hold if they have Pats unis on, especially in New England" twice a year.

    In BB & Brady's defense, I tink this is why they are drafting and going with multi-TE sets... it's harder to crowd and hold bigger players provided they have speed and hands like their TEs have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastineau99 View Post

    Looks like a blatant hold, grabbing jersey outside of the shoulder pads, in the open field, as defender tries to disengage while the ball carrier runs right by him directly in front of the ref.
    Yaaaay Kerry Rhodes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    Just wait until the Jets lose a game on a phantom holding call.
    I watched the end of the Pats game on NFL Rewind. Rhodes couldn't disengage to go sideways / backwards. It was pretty obvious / blatant, even at full speed.

    I think a hold like that is often not called in the middle of the line - but only if the refs don't see it. Here, Gronk was alone in space - that will get called every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelioion View Post
    Are you blaming the Pats loss on a holding penalty? Really?

    There are so many reasons the Pats lost and the holding penalty isn't one of them.

    How about sitting on the ball to kick a 42 yard FG? when it comes down to it, Lord Bellicheat lost the game for the Pats.
    Yep even Lombardie (pats a$$ kisser from hell) said that they deserved to lose, and went on to say if they made the field goal it would've been terrible because the Cardinals deserved to win.

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    I was one of the first ones to want the replacement refs because i thought they would be more even towards the teams but now I definitely want the originals back asap. It is utter chaos out there on the football field and it will get worse as the players are trying to get away with whatever they can as was noticed from game one to game two. The weird thing was all day sunday I thought the refs were letting the teams play and basically it looked like a free for all to the most part but then when the Jets played I noticed a bunch of penalties being called. I am sure its just the crew was different but the bottom line is nothing is consistent about the officiating to say the least and lots of bickering and arguing is not what i want to watch. The monday night game took like 4 hours. Thats rediculous! I hope they get the old farts back soon!!!

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