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Thread: "The Jets Have No One On Offense That Scares Anyone, The Worst Group In The NFL."

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    "The Jets Have No One On Offense That Scares Anyone, The Worst Group In The NFL."

    We heard a variation on that quote all offseason long, how the team didn't surround Sanchez with quality WR's, TE's, and RB's, how no opposing defensive coordinator had anyone in particular to lose sleep over, how this Tebow move was made to try to give us some punch from this brown-bag lunchpail assortment of nobodies and third-stringers.

    Today exposed this. Now I'm not saying Mark Sanchez played well today. He didn't. But the pundits have a point on this one. The targets he had last year were weak enough; this group is actually weaker.

    And for what? For us to continue to attempt to build the 1985 Bears defense? How many more years must we stock up on every "big upside" first round project to become our mythical pass rusher, the guy we haven't had since John Abraham? How many more bodies does Rex need to buy a sack or two? When will we learn that a team can't win in the NFL with a weak offense no matter how good the defense is?

    The offense is weaponless and the defense still can't rush the passer. Oh, joy.

    SAR I

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    lol SOJF I.

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    "The Jets have such bad fans it scares everyone, the worst group in the NFL."

    Oh - and: DUMP

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    They've had one good game, one bad game. The running game is more of a concern to me right now

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    that's a pretty direct quote that i haven't heard from anyone all offseason long.

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    It's a QB driven league. When you have someone like Sanchez, you are only as good as he is.

    Barkley looked like crap. Wilson looked like crap. Who are the franchise QBs in college right now?


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