I think the criticism of the ingame or preparation coaching yesterday is extremely overblown. Rex called a defensive gameplan that allowed under 70 yards rushing and got 6-7 opportunities for rushers to hit Ben with virtually unabated. We also came out with energy on our first 2 drives and were playing without 2 very important players in revis and keller.

That being said where Rex is falling short is with the attitude of people like Landry, Holmes, and Bart Scott. There is a huge difference between being tough and being a bully and sadly, our defense (and holmes) is nothing more then a bunch of bullies. Talking sh*t and telling everyone how dominant you are after a win isnít toughness. We happen to have a talented group run by an excellent defensive mind, that is going to lead to some great performances. Being a TOUGH player means doing your job during the most difficult situationsÖ.exactly what Antonio Brown did with is catch before getting drilled by landry. That is toughness.

Holmes and Cro making mistakes and immediately looking for a flag, is again, the exact opposite of what a truly tough player does. Great players donít look for a ref to bail them out, they simply execute and make the play themselves and we donít have guys that do that.

Overall, this was just one loss, to a team that should beat a group like what we currently area. For a lot of players this will be a great wakeup call to how hard the NFL is (Hill) and hopefully will show areas where we can improve. But this loss showed exactly how badly a group of guys that is actually a team can beat a group of talented individuals if they donít all come together. Fortunately we have the whole season to get there, but this team has a long way to go.