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Thread: One Shining Trinket from Yesterday's Debacle

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    Definitely liking the fact the Jets have only given up 2 sacks. It's very good for an offensive lineman when you don't hear the announcers talk about you. And you didn't hear them talk about Howard.

    Also just 1 turnover in two games.

    It's the Steelers. At home. Facing the prospect of an 0-2 start. They had the #1 D last season. A little long in the tooth, but they are far from slouches. Steelers probably could have beaten every team in the league yesterday in that situation.

    Let's continue to keep the rush off Sanchez and hold on to the ball and the Jets will win more than they lose.

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    I thought Mcyntire had a good game to
    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    Howard .... Again ...looked decent.

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    Powell also looks like he is going to be our feature back soon.


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