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Thread: Slauson vs Ducasse

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    Slauson vs Ducasse

    So Saluson was benched for a couple of possessions yesterday in favor of Vlad at LG. Was Slauson underperforming at all? I didn't see any noticeable mistakes but did anyone see anything that would have led to a change or it it possible this was part of the plan?

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    Both suck. Next.

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    I dont know. Excellent question. Our resident Slauson champion pointed it out in the Gameday Thread (you know who you are ).

    I am sure the media is going to ask about it, so hopefully we will find out.

    Everyone knows I am a Slauson fan, I hope he wasn't hurt. And if it turns out Vlad has finally woken up and is the better player then he should play. We need to get better in all aspects of the game and the best players should play.

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    Would be interesting to know what happened. Maybe they just wanted Vlad in there a few plays because he is a more physical run blocker.

    Either way, the jets O-Line was not the issue yesterday. They did a pretty damn good job slowing down the blitz, Sanchez just couldn't get the ball to any receivers for whatever reason.

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    Vlad is a superior run blocker so he's always going to get looks. Just comes down to Vlad as the pass blocker. If Vlad can do a decent job there, he's the obvious starter.

    Slauson isn't bad either.

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    Chris Nimbley ‏@Cnimbley
    O-line has big problem w/ run blocking, huge problem, WRs got no separation once Pitt. went press. D-line got no pressure on weak o-line...

    ‏@LilMissNYJet @Cnimbley
    there was a clear point when OL run blocking went to ****, both Powell & Greene had no holes.

    Chris Nimbley ‏@Cnimbley @LilMissNYJet
    yup, they just couldn't create any holes for RBs. Not promising, this offense needs to be able to run to be successful.

    Drew ‏@DrewfromJersey @Cnimbley
    Ducasse getting reps confirms the coaches realize they are not getting the job done run blocking. @LilMissNYJet

    Chris Nimbley ‏@Cnimbley @DrewfromJersey @lilmissnyjet
    yeah I thought seeing Vlad would've been disastrous, but I actually thought it was necessary as game went on.

    Deb ‏@LilMissNYJet @Cnimbley @DrewfromJersey
    Wasn’t sure at first why sub for Ducasse was made, Slauson’s post game answer made it pretty clear.

    Chris Nimbley ‏@Cnimbley @LilMissNYJet
    I didn't see what Slauson said, was it about his shoulder or did he just own up to being really bad? @drewfromjersey

    Deb ‏@LilMissNYJet @Cnimbley
    When they asked him about why he came out he said “I’m the wrong guy to ask”


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