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Thread: New Story: Jets Outplayed In All Phases In Loss To Steelers

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    Post New Story: Jets Outplayed In All Phases In Loss To Steelers

    The Jets struggled in all phases during their 27-10 defeat in Pittsburgh against the Steelers.* Mark Sanchez couldn't orchestrate scoring drives, receivers dropped passes, the defense missed tackle after tackle and the special teams made a mistake the team couldn't afford.

    "It came down to the simple fact they out-executed us and played better in all phases, including coaching," said Rex Ryan in his post-game press conference.

    The Jets also lost the third down battle, succeeding on only 4-12 while allowing the Steelers to complete over 50% of their third down conversions.

    "We couldn't get off the field on third down and we...


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    Also said it last night but Holmes was slacking after first few drives. Lazy routes, drops & complained for PI mid play too often.

    Cro made no attempt on the ball or Wallace, all he needed to do was gently push Wallace out of bounds, instead he just watched.

    Coverage actually wasnt bad for #Jets D considering no Revis, but on TD to Wallace Cro looked like he thought pass was sailing out of bounds

    Still two biggest plays that sealed #Jets fate, Cromartie w/ no attempt on Wallace TD & Kerley muffed punt.

    Why was McIntyre getting so many reps at OLB/DE? No BT & where was Aaron Maybin? Poor all around LB play, piss poor tackling.

    O-line has big problem w/ run blocking, huge problem, WRs got no separation once Pitt. went press. D-line got no pressure on weak o-line...

    Last week my mission was to say things weren't as good as they looked, this week it'll be it wasn't as bad as it looked. Much tougher job


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