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Thread: Sanchez gave no help to Austin Howard

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    Sanchez gave no help to Austin Howard

    go back and watch the plays where Woodley beat Howard. He got a great jump off those plays.
    On almost all of Woodley's pressures, Sanchez took the play clock all the way down to zero. Mark has a tendency to do this on the road, and it allows the defense to anticipate the snap at the very last instant and get a good jump. Howard is on a silent count and can only start to play based on the defense's movement.

    Howard will struggle on the road against good pass rushers as long as Mark continues to do this.

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    Trade the guy.

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    So if both Howard and the guy he is blocking knew when the ball would be snapped Howard should be able to block him off - its not like the DE was reacting before Howard. And if he was then that is Howards fault.

    But in all honesty on the sacks a lot had to do with WRs not getting open.

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    Howard and the O-Line were fine yesterday... Line was not the issue.

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    what was sanchez sacked, twice? the steelers have a good, blitzing defense. it wasn't like we were going to go through the entire season without giving up a sack.


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