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Thread: Do we miss Kerry Rhodes

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    I like Landry and Bell.

    Best combination of safeties that we've had in a long, long time. Maybe ever.

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    This thread is about how the Jets safeties have played since Rhodes was here. It's not a request to bring the guy back. As such it is a good topic and definitely worth further discussion.

    I think the front office did a very good job upgrading a unit that was physically underwhelming last season and sometimes just awful (Leonard & Smith). And I believe the Jets did as well as could be expected this off-season. The team acquired about the two best FA safeties that were available in Bell and Landry. I think all of us would agree that Landry's toughness in the backfield has added an element to our defense that's been lacking for a long time - intimidation.

    That being said it was just bad luck for the Jets that no Free Safeties were available in FA or the draft this year. Mark Barron from Alabama was about the only FS option and he went way above our selection. That was about it. So the Jets really didn't have any other options in the draft.

    Maybe the team will get lucky with the development of Bush or Allen (though Allen seems more like a SS type to me). However, with the increasing athleticism of opposing TE, we'll likely have to upgrade our FS sometime in the future.

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    Keep in mind that Kerry Rhodes was pretty good his first year with Arizona (based on normal stats, ProFootballFocus didn't think so highly of him) but really has not done much since then (Injured last season, 6 tackles this season).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee_Jet View Post
    dump this idiotic thread
    Lol love this site... What an idiotic post! Discussing on a Jets discussion board the need of a ball hawking safety. Seriously, let's make sure this poster gets banned and raped for discussing a valid Jets need. Now feel free to continue Jets circle jerk.

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    Kerry seemed to be the only guy not on the same page as Rex and was rumored to be lazy and didnt want to take the time to learn the D. I think I remember him having decent coverage stats but also having mental errors and being terrible at coming up to stuff the run.

    I do remember him partially sacking Rivers in the playoffs but starting to celebrate before the play was over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysd View Post
    I realize that for whatever reason Rex and Kerry were like oil and water but I have been thinking for a while, and yesterday cemented it in my mind, that we really miss Kerry Rhodes.

    We were the #1 defense and dominant in Rex's first year, and good but not dominant since.

    Safety has been a weakness since he left, and the Jets addressed the position in the off season but in the wrong way in my view.

    What the Jets need in safeties is the ability to cover especially against TE, and rush the edge both in run stoppage and blitz packages.

    Instead, the Jets went with two big hitting in the box safeties with limited to no coverage skills at all, essentially slightly better versions of Eric Smith.

    And it really hurts the Jets especially on third down when we do not have the tools (Harris is a compete coverage liability) to cover the slot and TE and backs in isolation.

    Rhodes provided the coverage and range to cover and handle third down. We have been really really bad on third down the last couple years and I think it is primarily because we no longer have a player with Rhodes skillset.

    This defense misses Kerry Rhodes.
    We have missed Sherry in a big way since Rex traded his worthless, ***** a$$. Kerry Rhodes had incredible talent and was capable of being a truly great dominating Safety. The problem is, he didn't want to be. He wanted to be an actor.

    Rex had no choice but to trade him. He *****footed around and wouldn't play as hard as the rest of the defense. It's actually quite maddening. He was capable fo being a GREAT Safety, but instead he chose to be a f*cking prima dona.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyJet80 View Post
    this makes the top 5 worse threads of the week

    ... lol, hard to do ... may have to agree though ...

    ... S is not our problem at the moment ...

    ... can he be an edge rushing OLB? ...


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    Mulligan blocked a punt for StL. We clearly made a mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simijet View Post
    Was Kerry Rhodes tough? NO

    Was Rex enthralled with his style of play? NO

    Have the Jets had a decent coverage safety since his departure? NO
    me dont!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan920 View Post
    Yes, just like we still miss Abraham seven years later, because our GM never addresses these positions in a adequate way.
    good point....


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    Quote Originally Posted by kdelgado View Post
    Nope this is a valid topic. Rhodes had a skillset this team needs and hasn't had since he left. He's big and rangy and can get to the ball even when it's a big TE trying to make the catch. He was a huge part of the Cardinals victory over the Pats. He was assigned to Gronk occasionally and did a really good job covering and being over the top when he had to be. The Pats wanted Gronk in the redzone and it took 3 attempts to get him clear of Rhodes and it was Rhodes that batted away a pass to Gronk that stopped the 2 point conversion.

    We don't need Rhodes specifically but we need someone like him. I thought Antonio Allen would fill that role.
    We need a competent free safety that hang with the TE's. Kerry prolly played his best game in a few years, against the Pats. Problem with him was playing in NY had too much distractions whereas out in the desert he can focus on football. Plus he must have wised up by now. I don't miss his oversized ego and diva ways. Imagine him and Toni Holmes on the same team

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    The only Kerry Rhodes anyone could ever miss is the one who played on his rookie contract, not the one who once he got paid started to care more about his looks and acting career than football. That Kerry Rhodes was an absolute disgrace, and I was once one of his biggest fans.

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    I miss Jim Leonhard.


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