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Thread: Usual Monday morning posters

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    I really wasnt expecting a win but after the 1st quarter the team just got dominated on both sides of the football. The offense resembled last years offense. Sanchez being inaccurate, dropped balls, WR getting no separation, and a mediocre running game. The best thing the offense did was not turnover the ball. The defense was the same defense that lost in the AFC Championship. How many missed tackles were there? Need a big stop on a 3rd down! Nope. Hardly anything to get excited for.

    If I dont see Tannehill's head on a spike next week, I will be disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jets Outsider View Post
    You're rarely going to hear an NFL team say that they are rebuilding. Particularly one coming off an 8-8 season that is still trying to sell tickets. If a team is ever going to play the "rebuilding" card, it will come after a totally disasterous season in which case the team will try to use the rebuilding process as a way to sell tickets...i.e "Yes, we suck, but come see the new talent we're bringing in!". The Colts are trying to sell "rebuilding" as a reason to go to the games.

    The Jets aren't bad enough to announce they are rebuilding. At least, not yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Dearest EM31

    I know you are desperately eager for me to respond to whatever taunts you post given how much time you spend on them, but, sadly you are on FOREVER IGNORE and thus, I don't get the chance to see a single keystroke of your brilliant internet work

    Thanks anyway
    This post is full of win.


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