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Thread: Peeps, we lost AT Pittsburgh, imagine if (or when) we lose at home to Arizona?

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    Peeps, we lost AT Pittsburgh, imagine if (or when) we lose at home to Arizona?

    So are NE fans panicking this morning? We went into a real tough situation yesterday, home opener for 0-1 Pit, after we played a great game last week. We always lose in Pittsburgh where we are like, 1-20 or something so considering the circumstances, this was a real tough spot IMO. No excuses though, we flat out sucked yesterday after the first quarter. What I do not get is where the Jet / Rex Ryan swagger went. This team seems to cower every time the opposing crowd gets loud, and our QB runs and hides turning into Norris Weese or the like, as soon as he gets hit once. Playing QB in the NFL, one needs to be fearless if not reckless. Our QB is neither. He is great when not touched, but hideous after the first hit. I don't get it. I recall in 2009/2010 this team could play and beat anyone anywhere, it did not matter-We are the NY Jets and F you if you don't like it. This current bunch is nothing like that. I just don't get it.

    Here are my grades for each unit for yesterdays disappointing loss:

    The only thing preventing an F was the first 2 drives where they looked ok. On the way to kicking the FG, they must have gone through a time portal back to last season because that is exactly what the rest of this game looked like from an offensive standpoint. Horrible, scared nothing down field, constant check downs, poor throws at receivers backs and over their heads, dropped passes left & right, and not able to run while the box is stacked on every play by the D. Totally unimaginative (Schotty) offense. Shonn Greene is nowhere near a #1 RB, he gets injured when the wind blows. I think it is fairly obvious where we need to go next March either in FA if anyone is available, or April in the draft. Bilal Powell showed flashes of quickness in the beginning, but as the game went on, he disappeared as well, and is a change of pace/#2 or 3 back at best.

    Got good push from the front, but could not (as nobody really can) bring down Big Ben. The defensive play (or lack thereof) of the game was the ridiculous coverage by Cromartie in the EZ against Wallace, that play was laughable. Despite that the game was 20-10 and within reach if the D could have gotten off of the field. We really did miss Darelle even more than I thought we would. Amazing what a difference 1 great player makes. LB is another area of need next March/April. If I never saw #57 ever again in a Jet uni I would not be upset, he is all but done.

    Special Teams F
    Kerley cost us this game IMO, that stupid muffed punt where you could clearly see him looking down field before securing the catch of the punt.
    That was the turning point in the game IMO after we made a huge defensive stop. Punting was ok, nothing to write home about. Coverages were good, no long returns against.

    Coaching: F minus minus minus
    I do not know where to begin. This is perhaps the most concerning of all failures yesterday. At the end of the first half with 1 minute remaining and not trying to do anything at all, after blowing a 10-6 lead that you had the entire half was insulting to me as a Jet fan. They come out and run 2 weak assed running plays. If you are going to give up, take a knee Rex, what would have happened if you fumbled, or someone like Nick got injured? Hell if you give up, then give up! Don't give up half assed like you apparently do everything else! Then in the second half they take the kick off, come out and and play scared, never once trying to throw down field. I don't care if the WR's are covered, you MUST stretch the D and plant the seed in their heads that you can go down field! On to their use or lack of use of Tim Tebow. Why did we give up a 4th round pick for this guy? For 3 plays a game? We gave him the 3 plays, he gained nice yardage, and we put him back on the shelf. For what Rex? Are we still playing vanilla preseason offensive football? W T F are we doing, really? My biggest fear in the preseason when we were scoring zero TD's was that this whole "vanilla" thing was a crock of you what in regards to the Tebow acquisition. This is now starting to make me think I was right on.

    Overall grade for this game was a big smelly stinking D-
    Again, the NY Jets looked like they were intimidated by Pittsburgh and their reputation mainly, because this Steeler team is not that good, not that good at all really an, I feel was ripe to be beaten yesterday. While I think we could bounce back next week if we stop reading how great we are (Buffalo game) and concentrate and game plan correctly we can go to 2-1 heading into a winnable game against the best un the business at home. The road is tough the next couple of weeks it is time to get down and play tough aggressive football against the top teams in the league, SF & Hou. We could win 2 % the next 3 and be 3-2 or conceivably, as easily as we could be 1-4 if we play scared and meekly like yesterday.


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    yup. Steelers, in that situation (home, facing 0-2), probably beats nearly every team in the league. no shame in losing there

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaJets View Post
    yup. Steelers, in that situation (home, facing 0-2), probably beats nearly every team in the league. no shame in losing there
    It wasn't just the loss - it was a very bad loss. We're looking for a superbowl caliber team here -

    It's one thing to go to Pitt and lose an entirely other to there and lose 27-10..

    with poor QB play
    poor WR play
    poor tacking
    Poor special teams
    scared coaching

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    It was not that we lost, it was how we lost. I am NEVER seen us display such cowardice. I think Rex concedes games when his defense isnt all there. Remember the Hard Knocks episode when Reevis came to save the team?

    Concerning Pats - strong comeback - Bellechik wont have the kicker around long. Dont underestimate the courage of our rivals.


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