As we saw yesterday, the steelers corners were playing bump and run all day, holding our recievers and really taking advantage of having the replacement officials out there. For nearly 3 quarters our passing game was non-existent. Our wr's could not get separation (our wrs held without a catch for nearly 3 quarters) and seemed to be the deciding factor in the game. It seems to me that replacement officials are obviously letting the players play and might be a little hesitant to call pass interference(other than the one phantom PI they called on them which was prob a makeup call bc they missed so many others against us). Too many times yesterday we saw cro and wilson 9yd from the wr with a clean break off the line of scrimmage converting easy 5yd passes. Rex has got to make the adjustment of playing more bump and run esp with Cro and Wilson, we have to take advantage of these rookie officials not calling these penalties.