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Thread: Santonio/Sanchez vs. Eli/Shockey

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    Santonio/Sanchez vs. Eli/Shockey

    Anyone wonder what Santonio said to Sanchez after the first game? I'm sure Mark got a week full of "just get me the damn ball!" after Sanchez spread it out so much in week 1 successfully, and Santonio was an afterthought. Looked to me like Sanchez was locked on him all day for better or worse, mostly worse after the first drive.

    Anyone remember Eli in the early days constantly getting earfuls from Shockey? Once that self absorbed jerk was gone, Eli started owning the offense and getting the ball to multiple targets, and the offense started to flow through him as the undisputed leader.

    I feel like between Rex enabling this jerk year 1 and calling him the best player on the team, bidding against themselves and overpaying him, and the guys massive ego it's clear that Sanchez has been forcing a chemistry with him that just isn't there, similar to the highly picked Shockey and Eli.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the guy on the sideline with a tweak for a few weeks to see what would happen.

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    As soon as it won't hurt the cap Holmes will be off this team. I'd even do it sooner if the hit isn't so big. He's a cancer and will continue to hold Mark and the team back. We are talking about a cancer who maybe averages 50 yards a game. He's a worthless POS.

    To put up with this Cancer we need at least 1200 and 10-12. And he's good for about half that.

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    Wishing injury on Holmes? Get out of here with that

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    Wishing an injury on one of our players? Ban this goon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obrienssong View Post
    Anyone wonder what Santonio said to Sanchez after the first game? I'm sure Mark got a week full of "just get me the damn ball!"
    Nope, I don't think Holmes complained to Sanchez at all after week 1, and if he did, it wouldn't cause Mark to force feed him the ball in week 2.

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    I don't know if there was illegal contact downfield or not-- but I was at the game on Sunday, and it really looked like our receivers were rarely open

    To the extent that Holmes is a selfish player..I think a lot of "elite" WR carry that stigma. I'm a huge Sanchez homer, but this is a lame excuse, Santonio's attitude can't rattle Sanchez

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    Sanchez definitely forced the ball to Santonio, don't know that there were many (any?) other options in this game though. We need Keller back ASAP.

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    The difference is the Giants got rid of the malecontented but talented Schockey while the Jets have chosen to reward Holmes with a significant untradable contract....


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