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Thread: Scab Ref to McCoy:"I Need You For My Fantasy Team"

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    Scab Ref to McCoy:"I Need You For My Fantasy Team"

    Friggin seriously?

    This is even more of a joke....not where the NFL should be pinching pennies

    It's an important distinction to note that most criticism of the replacement officials is directed not at them, but at the league for forcing it to come to this point. We know the refs are doing the best they can; we know they're just not prepared. (More than getting the calls right, memorizing the rule book and keeping control of the game is hard. It takes years of experience.) So when a huge Saints fan gets slated to work a Saints game, that's the league's fault for not catching it in their "background checks." When a ref who received paychecks from the Seahawks for three years actually worked a Seahawks game, that was the league's fault too.

    But this? If this is true, we might have reached the bottom of the professionalism barrel.

    Eagles running back LeSean McCoy went on 94WIP in Philadelphia yesterday, and touched on how the refs tend to be intimidated and influenced by players and crowds. Not a surprise—this week, 14 of 16 home teams won their games. But he also gave an example of how the replacement refs seem more like contest winners than hardened employees.

    "They're like fans, kind of though. I'll be honest, they're like fans. One of the refs was talking about his fantasy team, like ‘McCoy, come on, I need you for my fantasy [team].'"

    Fantasy football, unlike betting, isn't specifically prohibited. But fantasy can have some big money attached—and replacement refs could be the rare fantasy players who actually have a say in the outcomes of games. If McCoy is telling the truth, we've got a major problem with the scabs. Well, another major problem.

    [CBS Philly]

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    If this is true they need to move fast getting The Pro ref's back and working. The game last night was an abomination.

    The product on the field is flawed and being a betting man, it has effected many games so far this year.

    No more wagers until the big boys are back on the field.

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    Not the Jets are a circus, the league is.

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    the only mistake the NFL made was not immediately PATCOing the regular part time insurance salesman and hiring these new guys full time. Instead by calling them "replacements" it opened them up to baloney from morons like Tirico, Boomer, Cartoon and the rest of the know nothing media jackasses

    Dear Commissioner Goodell.

    Just announce tomorrow that ALL the Hochillis, Winters, Triplettes and Colemans are FIRED permanently and that these new gentlemen will be the regular NFL refs from now on. Show some Ronald Reagan BALLS


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    I said it wouldn't matter and I was 100% wrong. Some of these guys don't even know the game. The 1st few games I saw this year didn't seem that bad. Last week was a complete train wreck. No one respects these guys on the field and players are just getting away with some shady stuff. There was with out a doubt a LOT of home field advantage given in a few of the games I watched.


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