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Thread: Is Darelle Revis the NFL's Most Dominant player? From

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post

    We certainly missed him against the Steelers
    another GREAT player wasted...will never make it to a SB.

    We think of Dan Marino etc..but Revis will be one of the top HOF ers to NEVER see a SB, unless he bolts and who'd blame him.

    Quote Originally Posted by srobjets View Post
    Not if he keeps getting kicked in the head by our crappy linebackers
    Bart was told to step up his play and take out an effective player....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    I agree ... He is by far the most talented Jet I have ever witnessed. And he is a true Pro, always showing up. We will see what he demands with the new contract, but I can't imagine that situation helping the team.
    By far the most talented and best Jets player ever, and that's saying something.

    Scott is a clumsy numbskull for his foot to helmet hit.

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    I thought about this and at first, I said, yes, he's the most dominant but then I started thinking...

    If a qb like Manning, Brady, etc has a bad throw, it's a mistake. If Revis makes a mistake, the qb may not even throw his way. Revis has made mistakes before. The difference is that some mistakes might look like someone elses, and some mistakes might not matter because the qb didn't see it...when you're a qb, every mistake is seen. Based on that, I can't call him the most dominant. I do think he's the #1 CB, maybe defensive player but unsure for this year.


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