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Thread: Knowshon Moreno

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    Quote Originally Posted by King P View Post
    Trade for Ben Tate or draft Marcus Lattimore
    Trade for Peterson or God.

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    Had a good performance filling in for McGahee on Sunday - 20 rushes for 85 yards and a bunch of catches. He should be available for a low price in the summer, is a NJ kid and as a former first rounder comes with plenty of upside. Had trouble with injuries but he is definitely worth a look in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    I don't see why.

    Tate is a promising young player but he hasn't proven that he can shoulder a heavy load and he'll never get the chance as long as Foster is in Houston.

    The Jets get an explosive young talent to add to the backfield and the Texans get a 2nd round pick in addition to a serviceable backup to Arian Foster.

    So the jets are going to sign Shon Greene, and take the cap hit for it and then trade him to Houston? So Houston gets a 2nd rd pick and instead of paying tate 450,000 they pay Greene 5X that.

    I think they might go for Powell and the 2nd. at least they get something and don't lose any cap room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetster View Post
    RBs get hurt, NO WAY Texans trade him this year!
    Foster has already gotten dinged up a little, like someone else posted, you need depth at RB to win a superbowl, & Texans are in the mix.
    Also, the trade deadline already passed many weeks ago, so any move like this would have to happen AFTER the season is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFCEastFan View Post
    I think Tate would cost more along the lines of a 1 and a 3 if the Texans were selling, which I doubt.
    Ha ha, that's so funny, a 1 & a 3?
    There are people on this site claiming the jets can't get a 1 & 3 for Revis!


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